Eco Grants

Our philosophy

Since its founding in 2017, the Motivational Programmes Division has been making effort to contribute to a greener, more ecological and healthier Brno.

We are a relatively small division, but we are trying to do great things. We started our activities with the subsidy programme called Šalinkarta [sponsored season ticket], through which we try to motivate the citizens of Brno to use the public transport instead of using their individual cars. (Of course, the best option for our health and environment still seems to be walking or cycling). This programme is used annually by over 30,000 people in Brno, which we consider a great success, and it moved us forward towards other projects. With the vision of more "eco", but also "more community" Brno, we announced the programmes Nábřežít! [Life to the Waterfronts!] and Vnitroblok! [Back Yard !], which also attracted you and we were happy. Several events have been organized on the banks of the Brno rivers as part of the Nábřežít! programme. The aim of this programme is to revive these areas, which is undoubtedly successful. The Vnitroblok! programme supports greenery within residential housing, the quality and quantity of which has an undeniable impact on the lives of residents. We also receive dozens of successful applications every year. In 2018, an already existing programme named Ekologická výchova [Environmental Education] was made part of our division, aiming primarily at disseminating environmental education and awareness. The programme has had a long tradition and hundreds of successful projects. This year we are announcing two new programmes – Zeleň střechám! [Greenery to the Roofs!] and Nachytej dešťovku! [Catch Rainwater!]. Their common denominator is mainly water saving and management, which is in general a widely discussed topic. So we expect great response from you and lots of interesting projects.

In addition to subsidies, another big chapter is energy management, which our division started to deal with back in 2018. The aim of our activities is to work together with selected organizations on a consistent and systematic reduction of energy demand of buildings. In short, reduce consumption and save costs!

We strive to simplify the submission of your applications as much as possible, and that is why you can do so electronically for all programmes within our division. Would you like to ask us a question or just give us an idea about our website or activities? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Let's get more greenery in the city together, save and use rainwater, improve air quality, save energy and raise awareness. Let us be interested in the environment in which we live.

Our partners

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