Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint


The Authority’s carbon footprint is a measure of its environmental performance, and in particular climate change. It is an indirect indicator of energy and material consumption and waste production. It determines the amount of greenhouse gases expressed in CO2 equivalents (CO2e). In the case of the Authority, the analysis sets out the amount of greenhouse gases associated with its activities. These include, in particular, emissions related to energy consumption, fuels in municipal cars, business trips, material and technology purchases and waste generation. Office emissions are divided into three areas (Scopes)


  • SCOPE 1 – direct air emissions from activities that fall under the given authority (e.g. emissions from boilers in buildings or from owned cars)
  • SCOPE 2 – indirect emissions from purchased energy that do not directly originate in the buildings of the authority but are the result of its activities (e.g. purchase of electricity, heat or steam).
  • SCOPE 3 – other indirect emissions – emissions resulting from the authority’s activity but not classified as Scope 2 (e.g. business trips, equipment purchase, material purchase and waste production).

Carbon footprint of Brno City Hall

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